Art Project: Create a Map

The map I mentioned in the project description is a central feature of your journey through Imagi-Nation. It is the tool that will help you create, imagine, and journey through that part of the realm of Imagi-Nation you are destined to explore and reveal to the world. It is from your map that your journey will unfold.

The interesting part of this particular mapping approach is that you first create a landscape, then you create “archetypical” locations to explore and experience as you journey. The locations are listed below, after the map drawing steps. Once we set out, you can explore the locations in any order. You can circle back to visit one or more (or all) locations more than once. The only rule is that you explore all of the locations in the course of your journey.

Each of us will explore the same archetypal locations, but we will see different expressions of those places and experience them in very different ways. The locations will conjure up different memories and provide highly individual messages for each journeying artist.

The main point is not to fuss and fret about your map. You can make the map any size you want. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. You can start simple and add detail over time, if you prefer, or you can set up details from the outset.

At the end of this message I’ve included links to various fantasy map resources.

Create your map

  • Draw a shape on the paper to create the outline of a region, country or island. Just draw. It doesn’t need to be pretty or perfect (but there is nothing stopping you…).
  • Draw landscape features like mountain ranges, lakes, forests, rivers etc..
  • Draw in the locations of some cities.
  • Name the part of Imagi-Nation you’ve just mapped. When you’ve named your country, create names for all the landscape features you drew and write them on your map (Silver Lake, Feather Peaks, etc.).

Add these story map locations

Mark the following locations on your map. Simply label them as “Place of …” for now.  Don’t obsess. Try not to plan the course of your journey too much at this point. You’ll learn more about each place and be able to name it more precisely when you get there. You’ll receive a list of questions/prompts and tasks for each of the locations later. For now, just put them on your map. Be guided by your intuition. Any order. Any place that seems right.

  • The higher ground. A vantage point from which you will be able to overlook at least part of the territory shown on your map.
  • A place of great beauty.
  • A place of safety.
  • A place of joy.
  • A place of power.
  • A place of communion; a place of meditation or sacred space of some description.
  • A place that shows traces of the deep past.
  • A Place of Sadness.
  • A Place of Solace.
  • A Place of Secrets.
  • A Place of Truth.
  • A place where your journey character is needed.
  • A place where your journey character can work.
  • A place of knowledge.
  • A place of healing.
  • A place of Honor
  • The Darkest Place.
  • The location of the Guild Hall.

Fantasy Map Links and Lookies

Video: How to draw fantasy maps

Tutorial: How to draw fantasy maps

Free Fantasy Maps

Map Generator

Lookies: Shannon Rankin / Portfolio / Maps

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